10 days of relaxing and rejuvenating activities designed to reset, recharge and become a new you

Numbi Gambia Retreat   9th – 19th January 2018

With a secluded beach a stones throw away from the award winning venue Sandele Eco Lodge, you will undoubtedly  enjoy the exquisite feeling of the sun on your back, listening to the sounds of the waves and the chirping of the birds in beautiful natural surroundings.

Relax and Rejuvenate have teamed up with Numbi Arts Group who are a cross disciplinary creative laboratory focusing on artistic workshops across multiple disciplines, including poetry, film, photography, music, dance and much more. Click here for more information about Numbi.

A host of activities are on offer designed to stimulate, energise and relax. We aim to tease out that creative side that is sometimes thwarted by the pressures of life.  Just being able to imbibe the natural calmness and peacefulness alone of the Gambia will have a healing affect, so if you choose to do nothing at all but sit by the beach, you would have credited your health account twofold.

Come and join the healing environment and return renewed, Relaxed and Rejuvenated